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Magic Bean

The Magic Bean Project is such an open platform based on the SOLANA blockchain. It breaks the boundaries of distance, connects people with producers, creators and others, and makes full use of the power of blockchain magic to create a vibrant economic system and social ecological circle.

The Magic Bean Project allows any producers and creators with an online fan community to release their own cryptocurrency without having to master the complicated SOLANA blockchain programming technology. With the help of BEAN, manufacturers can conduct market promotion and work out more reasonable production plans through fan voting; while creators can expand their fan base, reward fans and earn stable income. Also with BEAN, fans can get various benefits and grow together with the brand.


Beanstalk Swap is an automatic decentralized market-making exchange based on the concept of capital pools.

Beanstalk is committed to building a DeFi platform providing users with more security and credibility, asset selection and configuration more diversified, and decentralized token exchanges with high expected return on investment.


The magic bean community establishes a tokenized community for producers, creators, crypto enthusiasts and brands. Producers and creators can build their own crypto tokens in this magical world, so as to promote their own brands, while fans can also get community benefits and token rewards, and can interact with their favorite brands at the same time.


Giant's Treasure is a decentralized gallery of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the solana blockchain. It holds some of the most rare and valuable NFTs across solana blockchain gaming, digital art, virtual real estate and other highly coveted digital collectibles.

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